upper90 (upper90) wrote in metr0stars,

hey guys. heres a community for all u metrostars fans out there. i looked and looked and couldnt find a commmunity for the metrostars so i decided to make one. if your a metrostars fan or u just love soccer,please, feel free to join and update this as often as u like.
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this community rocks i will give the creator of it a BLOWJOB
Glad to see someone made a community for the Metrostars. Looks cool. I'm from Rochester, NY and am a fan of the Rochester Raging Rhinos but when it comes to MLS I love the Metrostars. My favorite player on the team is Carlos Mendes, who use to play for us. I'm hoping we win Wednesday vs. VA Beach so we can see you guys in the next round of the U.S. Open Cup! :)Would love to see the Metros back in Rochester again this season.